Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Fuzz mini kit - part one

We were really inspired to create by the deviantArt ScrapbookHub June Challenge, and have been having a fantastic time playing with my new PSE8 & actions from Atomic Cupcake.

Here's the colours we had to play with.  Bright, huh?

We'll be putting up the second part on Friday, so make sure you call in then to pick up the rest of our Summer Fuzz mini kit.

In the first part, there's puffy felt flowers & leaves, glossy brads and papers.

All images were created at 300ppi, and the file contains 20 transparent pngs (with and without shadows) and five papers (3600 x 3600).

It's a bit of a biggie, this file, and that's why we split it like this. 

4shared or mediafire

Note: The link is now really fixed!
Sorry about the mixup :) 


Anonymous said...

Love the look of your new kit but unable to download. 4shared says that the link is invalid. Thought I would let you know so that you may be able to look into whatever the problem is. Have fun with PSE8 and let us know how you go. I too am very interested in upgrading.
Lyn from Australia

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

KathyScraps said...

Thanks for letting me know about the link!
I got my wires crossed and put the wrong url in.

It's fixed now!

Hippiescraps said...

I wanted to download, but it says the link is not valid...:(

KathyScraps said...

Okay, Jane took a look and now it's really working.

Sorry about all that!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your work with us. This kit looks fabulous. The link is working.
Lyn from Australia

Lauralee said...

Just dropping by to say hi and Thanks for being an active member of the
NEW CU Freebies Only Forum!

All Good Things!
Laura Lee

NanaScraps said...

I just unzipped this file and these are wonderful...nice work...lQQking forward to the next installment..thanks for sharing

Sarah @ Pink Lime said...

Thanks for the great freebie- Keep up the good work!

KathyScraps said...

@NanaScraps - thank you, that's so great to know!
I'm still not sure about sizing for elements, how big people like them to be.
I decided that big was best, because you can always downsize them.

Lynna said...

So pretty and summery! Thanks so much for sharing!

Jane Blogs said...

Thank God we finally got the links worked

Stephanie said...

I'm going to have such fun with this!! (Now all I need is my new program! lol) Thanks so much!!

KathyScraps said...

lol... I know the feeling, Stephanie.
My copy of PSE8 has been "in the mail" for a fortnight & I'm soooo ready for it to arrive!

Gina said...

Thanks for this awesome freebie. The color palette is an exact match for a kit I'm working on.

Jane Blogs said...

That's great!
Looking forward to seeing your finished product :D

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