Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photoshop Elements is on it's way to my house!

I've finally saved up enough to buy PSE8 & it should be arriving in the post sometime next week.

I can't wait!

Up until now, I've been using a free program, paint.NET, which does quite a lot.
For anyone starting out digiscrapping, it's a great tool to learn with.
It has layers (you can make them transparent for overlays), a magic wand selection tool, lasso's, etc.

But I've been drooling over PSE for simply ages...

So of course I had to go and buy some gorgeous actions to play with (I've played with the trial version of PSE already & need more toys).

I bought five actions from Atomic Cupcake, because they were really good, and also if you buy 4, you get 1 free... and  I'm a tight bee. ;)

I figured the five actions I'd most use would be puffy felt, stitching, heavy crumpler (for paper), chipboard and of course everyone needs a paper tearing action.

I lingered over the scallop actions, but am going to make do for now with my own hand-drawn scalloped edges.  - Twenty dollars was enough of my hard-earned paypal account to splurge right now.

If you want to try out the quality, Atomic Cupcake has a different freebie action to download each month, and for June it's a pencil sketch edge action.

Hopefully, we'll see a *huge* improvement in the quality of my creations from now on.

- I'm sure you'll see more of them, at any rate, as I spend 18hrs a day playing with my new toys!


Jane Blogs said...

So has it arrived yet, Kath?

I can't wait to see your stuff once you're up and running with it!

And can I come over to play? Huh???

KathyScraps said...

No, it hasn't arrived yet Janeycat. :(

HOWEVER, I have downloaded the trial version and will have a few little bits and pieces to share here in the next couple of days.

Are you free Friday?
I'm putting off the groceries until Monday, so I'll be home all day.

Jane Blogs said...

It's a date.
See you around ten, and I'll bring stuff for lunch.

KathyScraps said...

Okay, that way we can work right through and still eat.
Just remind me to set the alarm or we'll forget to stop!
You can have the desktop. :)

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