Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wire Flowers

More flowers for you from my garden (not).

Santa is bringing us a good camera this year, so in the New Year I will be sharing my garden's flowers with you.




MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Marlies said...

Thanks for sharing.

grambie said...

These beautiful flowers are just too cute with just the right delicate touch. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

janeblogs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane Blogs said...

Not sure what I did with that last comment - I tried joining orkut and for some reason it didn't link my google account. Bleagh!

What I meant to say was:

Thank you, and I'm glad you liked them ;)

Toucan Scraps said...

these are lovely, thank you for sharing.

I just found you today from a google search.

Jane Blogs said...

Wow, what search terms did you use?
I thought we'd be waaay down the list in any google search!

BlueCat said...

Lovely flowers! Thank you very much.

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